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16/09/2020 – These flat racks are secure and ready to sail off to Vanuatu.



17/02/2020 – Our warehouse has always been chocked full of freight from our customers, as you can see from the photo it used to be a pile of organised mess! But over the weekend the boys from the warehouse and Jason worked on emptying all the freight we had out so that we could have some pallet racking installed. Wouldn’t you agree that it looks so much better now!

05/02/2020 – We love seeing all the interesting freight that comes through our warehouse. This beautiful Ducati is being sent by air freight for one of our wonderful customers. When it arrived even the girls in the office came out to have a look at this Cherry Red beauty!

19/09/2019 – Today we had the pleasure of packing this old timer into a container bound for Vanuatu. It is often the case where machinery that is deemed to old for use here in Australia finds a second life in the Pacific Islands. We can help with these packs or even sourcing the machinery through our network of suppliers.